Top 5 Fortnite Character in Real Life

Top 5 Fortnite Character in Real Life

One of the biggest polls that Fortnite has to keep us coming back is the skins in the game. Fortnite’s skins seem to be getting cooler and cooler and with the new superhero theme, Epic Games seems to be going with this season I’m sure we are in for some seriously cool skins going forward as well.

What you might not realize is that some of the skins are basically just references to other games, movies and sometimes even things in the world around us.

Fortnite Battle Royale Characters

Today we are counting down our list of some of the Fortnite’s characters in real life.

  1. Rust Lord/Star-Lord
  2. Crack Shot The Nutcracker for Christmas skin
  3. Sun Wukong
  4. The Reaper John Wick
  5. Alpine Ace and Mogul Master Korean Olympics

And there you have it our list of some of the Fortnite characters in real-life, do you agree did we miss something let us know. Yeeehaaa!

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