Fortnite Hero: Sun Wukong

Fortnite Hero: Sun Wukong

Fortnite Character: Sun Wukong. The Wukong skin and Fortnite have some pretty obvious origins and they can be traced back as far as the Song Dynasty of Japan in the 16th century.

It was at this time that a novel named Journey to the West was released featuring a character called Sun Wukong who is a monkey born from a stone who acquires a variety of supernatural powers; he can lift his 8,000 kilogram staff with ease, can travel over 31,000 miles in a single somersault and can transform into 72 different forms.

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He is also a skilled fighter capable of defeating the most powerful warriors of heaven and can command wind and water with his spells.

Sun Wukong is one of the most long-lasting characters in the history of Chinese literature and has even been incorporated into some Buddhist legends.

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