Fortnite Overhauls, Support and Improvements

Fortnite Overhauls, Support and Improvements

Feedback has been gathered for quite some time now as Epic Games has looked at ways to enhance the controller support in their absurdly popular game, Fortnite, in addition to looking into other complaints as well. Whether players are looking to dive into the Battle Royale mode purely for the combat aspect, or if they would rather focus on the artistic appeal of building, some of the most recent enhancements in functionality of the controller means that big things are in store.

Developers at Epic Games recently set out to reveal some of the latest updates in a blog post, to let players know how things were moving along. They opened with a statement about improvements, saying, “We’re looking at ways to make battling, building, and moving in Fortnite feel great on a controller. We took an initial step with Builder Pro and feedback from you to create a better experience for console players swapping between building pieces.”

Some of the enhancements made so far include major improvements to the building. Here are just a few of the things Fortnite players have to look forward to:

  • Improvements in Builder Pro – Player feedback was considered in that Builder Pro seemed inconsistent. Issues have been fixed concerning switching pieces and turbo building.
  • Improvements to Turbo Building – Version 4.3 update fixes problems with this feature such as canceling while cycling through the traps or after the pressing of button combos. It has also been made faster so there will be no gaps in structures.
  • Edit Mode Aim Assist – Aim assist will automatically kick into play when you’re playing with a controller while using Edit mode to make a building modification. There will also be an attempt made to confine aim to the specific piece you happen to be editing. This has been changed so that you can toggle Edit Mode Aim Assist on or off with the new update.
  • Custom Bindings – In an effort to provide the absolute best experience in the future, there are investigations looking into giving players more ways to bind actions to specific buttons, based on which ones you want to use. There are also modifications coming to stick axis remapping after full testing is complete.

Most players will be quite happy with the new improvements in game play and functionality. With such huge adjustments to building mechanics, who wouldn’t be?

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