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Fortnite Hero: The Reaper John Wick

Fortnite Character: The Reaper John Wick. We can’t exactly talk about Fortnite characters in real life without talking about the single reference that pretty much everyone has managed to get since the skin came out and that’s the Reaper skin that

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Fortnite Hero: Sun Wukong

Fortnite Character: Sun Wukong. The Wukong skin and Fortnite have some pretty obvious origins and they can be traced back as far as the Song Dynasty of Japan in the 16th century. It was at this time that a novel

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Fortnite Hero: CrackShot The Nutcracker for Christmas skin

Fortnite Character: CrackShot The Nutcracker for Christmas skin. The crackshot outfit is actually pretty creepy I mean look at those angry eyebrows and terrifying mouth it’s just super weird-looking right well this creepy skin didn’t just come out of the

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Fortnite Hero: Rust Lord/Star-Lord

Fortnite Character: Rust Lord/Star-Lord. Believe it or not, we may have actually had superhero skins in Fortnite Battle Royale for way longer than you might have expected all the way back from the beginning of season 3. I am of

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Top 5 Fortnite Character in Real Life

One of the biggest polls that Fortnite has to keep us coming back is the skins in the game. Fortnite’s skins seem to be getting cooler and cooler and with the new superhero theme, Epic Games seems to be going

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The Future of Fortnite for Android 2018

When to Expect Fortnite for Android. There was a time when Fortnite was simply a game for PC and console players. However, it has recently ventured into the new territory of mobile-land when it appeared on iOS devices. The game

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Fortnite generated $296M between PC, Console and Mobile

In the month of April 2018, Fortnite generated a whopping $296 between PC, console and mobile platforms. This information on the popular Epic Games title comes via SuperData Research, a tracker for digital sales of games. This is double the

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What makes Fortnite so popular with kids?

What makes it so popular with kids? The Fortnite game is free and fun to play with an offbeat sense of humor, while the PUGB has a more serious and visual style. The Fortnite features cartoon-like graphics with numerous bizarre items

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